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A Musical by Gary Barlow and Tim Firth


Originally Produced by David Pugh & Dafydd Rogers and The Shubert Organisation

Based on the play CALENDAR GIRLS written by Tim Firth and on the motion picture               

CALENDAR GIRLS written by Tim Firth and Juliette Towhidi

                         This amateur production of CALENDAR GIRLS: THE MUSICAL is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd.

Tuesday 14 - Saturday 18 June 2022

The Little Theatre, Dover Street, Leicester

Cast/ Production Team


Chris – Siobhan Ball 

Annie – Alexandra Elliott 

Cora – Debbie Longley-Brown 

Jessie – Jane Towers 

Celia – Liz Kavanagh Knott 

Ruth – Tracey Holderness 

Marie – Karen Gordon 

John – Andy Longley-Brown 

Rod – Tony Whitmore 

Lawrence – Joe Dickinson 

Colin – David Lovell 

Denis – Steve Elliott 

Miss Wilson (Tea)/ Brenda Hulse – Mary Delahunty 

Miss Wilson (Coffee) – Karen Hamilton 

Lady Cravenshire – Monica Winfield 

Danny – James King 

Jenny – India Lily Cooper 

Tommo – Tim Stokes 


Director/ Musical Staging - Keiran Whelan-Newby

Assistant Director - John Bale

Musical Director - Felix Surbe

Assistant Musical Director - Tim Stokes

Stage Manager - Simon Dickens 

Deputy Stage Managers - Andy Mears and Reema Crooks 

Sound Design - Tom Brooks, Mark Harrison and Tim Neville 

Properties - Amanda Sadler, assisted by Rose Bale 

Lighting - Andy Crooks and Alex Crooks 

Prompt - Sandra Brown 

Set Hire - Scenic Projects Stage Sets 

Additional Props/ Set Items - David Sadler and the LDS 

Programme Editor - Lucy White 

Special Thanks to our incredible backstage team, Dawn Walker, Chigs Parmar, Shruti Chauhan and BBC Radio Leicester, Red Hill Field Primary School, Programme Sellers, Stewards and all our Front of House Staff. 

About The Show
Musical Numbers


Following their success with The Sound of Music and Into The Woods, KW Productions proudly presents Calendar Girls: The Musical – a fundraising production in collaboration with the Leicester Drama Society. 

The death of a much loved husband prompts a group of ordinary women in a small Yorkshire Women's Institute to do an extraordinary thing…...pose for a nude calendar to raise money for a new hospital settee. 

The true story of the Calendar Girls launched a global phenomenon, a million copycat calendars, a record breaking movie, stage play and now musical written by Gary Barlow and Tim Firth which coined the term "craughing" - the act of crying and laughing at the same time. 

With unforgettable songs, every performance continues to add to the millions already raised for charity and also proves that there is no such thing as an ordinary woman! 

Advisory: Calendar Girls contains strong language, adult themes and partial nudity. 



Yorkshire - The Company

Mrs Conventional – The Girls

Lighting The Sunflowers - Chris & John

Scarborough - Annie

Danny-Festo - Danny

Who Wants A Silent Night? - Cora & Company

After Silent Night - Tommo

Very Slightly Almost - Annie

Spring Fete - Company

Girls - Tommo

Hello Yorkshire, I'm A Virgin - Danny

Time Passing - Company

Danny-Festo 2 - Danny

Sunflower - Chris

Dare - The Girls 



Girls (Village Green) - Colin, Denis & Rod

Protect Me Less - Jenny & Danny

Kilimanjaro (Village Hall) - Annie

So I've Had A Little Work Done - Celia

What Age Expects - Jessie

Drunken Danny - Danny

Kilimanjaro - Annie

Don't Go Out With Christine Butler - Rod

Scarborough (Reprise) - Annie

Dare (Conference) - The Girls

My Russian Friend and I - Ruth

For One Night Only - The Girls

Sunflower of Yorkshire - The Company

Bows - The Company


2022 NODA Awards

WINNER Best Musical in District 6 (Calendar Girls: The Musical - KW Productions)

NODA Award 2022


“I appreciate that mentioning an entire cast, crew and supportive people is a challenge and usually not attempted in a reviews. It is often usual only to mentions the lead characters. I simply cannot do that in this review. Every person in the cast and behind the scenes team played their parts superbly well. The cast were always in character and exactly how I would expect them to be. As I said to the group at the end of the show, this production was the best I have seen in all aspects of amateur theatre this year. I have always said that the difference between professional theatre and amateur is that: professionals rely on the theatre to earn a living. Amateurs are engaging with it for the love of the art. This group, in my humble opinion, are at the top of their amateur league and would have been accepted if they had placed this performance in a West End theatre” Nigel Hancocks (NODA Regional Councillor East Midlands)

"5* While I have no trouble believing that a professional production of this show would be enjoyable, this amateur version was elevated to a new height because of the audience. It created a community atmosphere unlike anything I've ever witnessed in a theatre before. When the time came for the ladies to disrobe, the reaction was so warm, so supportive, so proud. These were our friends on stage, and we were blown away by their confidence, beauty, and performance. One of the best amateur productions I've ever seen, Calendar Girls was a wonderful experience, further enhanced by the community atmosphere. A credit to the cast, crew, production company and The Little Theatre. Simply joyous."

(Tom Young, Niche Magazine)

“5* deeply touching, hugely uplifting life-affirming piece of theatre and this production is first-rate…….pure theatrical magic” (Beyond The Curtain)

“4* “Definitely a show to add to your diary, or should we say, calendar. ... the audience is emotionally hooked on this close knit community from the start” (East Midlands Theatre)

“Fun, has an excellent cast, is a fantastic show and I guarantee you will leave the theatre inspired” (Lynette Watson, Leicester Mercury Review)

“A wonderful mixture of pathos and comedy” (Paul Towers, Paul’s Pen)



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Production Clips


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