Act One

Into the Woods: Prologue – Company
Cinderella at the Grave – Cinerella and Cinderella’s Mother
Hello, Little Girl – Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolves
I Guess This is Goodbye – Jack
Maybe They’re Magic – Baker’s Wife
Our Little World – Witch and Rapunzel
I Know Things Now – Little Red Riding Hood
A Very Nice Prince – Cinderella and Baker’s Wife
First Midnight – Company
Giants in the Sky – Jack
Agony – The Princes
A Very Nice Price (Reprise) – Cinderella and Baker’s Wife
It Takes Two – Baker and Baker’s Wife
Stay With Me – Witch
On The Steps of the Palace – Cinderella
Ever After – Company

Act Two

So Happy – Company
Agony (Reprise) – The Princes
Lament – Witch
Any Moment – Cinderella’s Prince and Baker’s Wife
Moments in the Woods – Baker’s Wife
Your Fault – Jack, Baker, Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood
Last Midnight – Witch
No More – Baker and Mysterious Man
No One is Alone – Cinderella, Baker, Jack and Little Red Riding Hood
Finale: Children Will Listen – Company